With our assisted living service, you would receive the right care and medication right for your health and personal needs.

elderly woman taking a bath with her caregiverWe understand the struggles of not receiving the right support you deserve. That is why our team of care providers is dedicated to giving you health and personal assistance that are tailored to your unique needs. Also, we will have a thorough assessment of your health for as to know what specific program or service to use to ensure you will get the right care.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Assistance with Daily Tasks
Our professional caregivers will provide assistance to patients in accomplishing their day-to-day activities such as bathing, toileting, transferring, mobility, personal hygiene, dressing, and medications.
Help with Medication

Our care providers are experts in administering specific medications to every patient’s unique health needs. They are responsible for delivering oral and topical medications and eye/ear/nose drops and injections.

Our medical reminder services include:

  • Maintaining a daily log to keep track of medications
  • Making sure that medications are taken on time and at the right dosages
  • Keeping track of medications and getting the pillbox in order

For questions and clarifications, please call us at 612-255-3110. One of our team members will explain to you in details.

elderly patient laughing together with his caregiver