For your convenience, take advantage of our services which will help you improve your overall well-being.

caregiver giving food to the elderlyEvery patient’s health is our priority. That means we do not want them to experience such hassles in their everyday lives. When it comes to improving their condition, we will always remind and help them in accomplishing their tasks to ensure that they will receive the optimum level of health and comfort in life.

Our services include, but not limited to:

Meals and Snacks
Here at A Helping Hand Senior Care Services, we want our clients to not only receive high-quality services but delicious and nutritious food as well. This can boost their immune system which also helps them to stay healthy. We provide three meals and snacks a day with prescribed general low sodium diets, general diabetic diets, and mechanical soft diets.
Intermittent Nursing Services
We at A Helping Hand Senior Care Services have nursing assistants under the delegation of a registered nurse to provide authorized nursing services. That is why we are also offering intermittent nursing services where patients will receive care and services based on a negotiated service agreement and their individual health needs. Our team of skilled nurses will also provide a scheduled transportation to and from their physician’s appointments.
Housekeeping and Maintenance
To prevent any falls, injuries, and diseases, we offer housekeeping and maintenance services for patients to have a safe, clean, and comfortable living condition in our facility. We also make sure that the areas where patients would mostly stay will be free from any trashes and clutters.
It is our responsibility to assist patients with their personal hygiene. One of the many ways they can be hygienic is by wearing clean clothes. That is why we are also offering laundry services to ensure that patients will have clothes to wear every day. Apart from their clothes, we also wash their towels, washcloths, and bed linens at least once per week.
Apart from valuing our clients’ health needs, we also value their independence. That is why we offer social, religious, and recreational activities that help boost their confidence and self-esteem.

For questions and clarifications, please call us at 612-255-3110. One of our trusted representatives will explain to you in details.

elderly patient laughing together with his caregiver