Convincing Your Seniors to get Vaccinated


After an entire year of bitter lockdowns, we finally have vaccines that can keep us safe from the COVID-19 virus. We have lost over 325,000 citizens to this deadly virus, and getting vaccinated is one of the best and fastest ways to turn things around.

People who plan on getting vaccinated are often dumbfounded by those who don’t want to, especially right now. If you are having this issue with your senior in a group home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, don’t sweat it.

A Helping Hand Senior Care Services is here to help you convince your loved one to get their shot. Take a look at these tips:

  • Don’t dismiss their concerns. It’s only natural for your loved one to worry about this new vaccine. Any reasonable person wouldn’t, and shouldn’t immediately believe in a new drug or vaccine just because someone said they should.
  • It’s not just politics. The pandemic has been politically charged from the start, but don’t assume that this is the sole reason why your loved one is skeptical about the vaccine.

    For example, a Black American may not be as enthusiastic about the new vaccine because of the racism, discrimination, and abuse they may have endured in the medical system.

  • Be transparent. Your loved one and their friends in an assisted living facility in Minnesota may all be worried about the side effects of the vaccine. If this is the case, don’t try to downplay or lie about its existence. Inform them that, yes, there are side effects, but these only last a short while. Being under housing support also means that they will have caregivers to help them out while they recover from the side effects.

If you want more tips for your senior, call us today.

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