Alzheimer’s Disease: It’s Time for Assisted Living

alzheimers-disease-its-time-for-assisted-livingA lot of families still wonder if having their senior loved ones enter into an assisted living facility is the right decision. It’s normal to second-guess. As a family member of someone who has Alzheimer’s, you might not know how to spend your time caring for your loved one properly. This is the first indicator that assisted living is an option.

People who have early or mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias may blame their families for having them committed someplace else other than having the benefit of staying and aging at home. They may also consistently ask you to bring them back home. But you must remind yourself why you made the decision and why it remains to be the right one. Of course, continue to show them support and love in spite of this setup so that they may learn how to ease in and adjust to their new living situation.

Our assisted living facility in Minnesota assures family members that their loved ones are getting good care for their condition. While this may be hard to accept for some, we make sure that you see results. This helps our patients be confident in our facility despite the unfamiliarity at first.

Thus, if you are still wondering whether it’s time for assisted living, just bear in mind this question: Can I give 24-hour care, supervision, and support to my loved one who has Alzheimer’s? If you answer in the negative, then assisted living our housing support is necessary.

Late-stage Alzheimer’s patients are unable to function properly and eventually lose control of movement. So, it’s time to reconsider their living arrangement. Call A Helping Hand Senior Care Services today to know about assisted living and our group home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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