How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

how-to-choose-an-assisted-living-facilityIf your senior family member or loved one needs help with activities of daily living but does not necessarily require intensive medical care, assisted living may be the answer. Just like our assisted living facility in Minnesota, assisted living helps aging and ailing people live independently in a safe and caring atmosphere.

Most people who live in assisted living facilities are seniors. Some of them may have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia while others may have certain disabilities. In an assisted living facility, residents will have their own private apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and a small kitchen. Sometimes, apartments may also be shared with another senior.

Common areas are also present in these facilities where residents can socialize and do activities together. Thus, you get the privacy you want but also get a sense of community when you need it. Common areas are also offered by our group home in Minneapolis, Minnesota because we do our best to consider all the needs of our clients.

So, how does one choose an assisted living facility from a large number of options available? Here are some points you may consider:

  • Does it have 24-hour supervision, assistance, and security?
  • Do the caregivers help with housekeeping and laundry other than personal care?
  • Does it offer medication reminder services and health care management and monitoring?
  • Does it have exercise and wellness programs?
  • Are there social services available?

The answers to these questions must be in the affirmative. Choose wisely! Call A Helping Hand Senior Care Services today to inquire about our services. We also offer housing support.

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