Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals to Senior Wellness

benefits-of-vitamins-and-minerals-to-senior-wellnessPeople can experience weakness as they reach old age. Blame it on their loss of appetite. Seniors may lack the necessary vitamins and minerals to survive. Physically, their skin becomes saggy and dry, and their faces show fine lines and other signs of aging. Internally, there can be degeneration, deficiencies, and disorders that are yet to be known. And that is why the elderly under Housing Support need essential nutrients with many benefits for physical strength, better immunity, a sharp mind, and fresh feeling.

Here are some ways we can supply vitamins and minerals to people under an Assisted Living Facility in Minnesota:

  • Eat healthy meals including lean meat, fresh fish, juicy fruits, and green and leafy vegetables.
  • Through health supplement pills in addition to foods to complete the daily requirement for a specific nutrient
  • Go through an intravenous treatment like IV therapy.

Together with exercise and consistent health monitoring by physicians, these sources of nutrition can bring health improvements to seniors that will enable them to reach optimum wellness. Our support and encouragement can pave the way to stay conscious about their health, especially when they have existing health concerns.

A Helping Hand Senior Care Services is one with you in aiming for the betterment of your senior loved ones. If you wish to know more about our Group Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, feel free to contact us at 612-255-3110.

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