Can One Fully Recover From a Stroke?

Can One Fully Recover From a Stroke?

Strokes can have severe consequences. If the damage is widespread, it can affect areas that govern one’s motor and cognitive skills. This means that the victim could experience loss of speech and movement as well as impairments in memory.

In fact, stroke is one of the main reasons why a person may be committed by their families to an assisted living facility in Minnesota. Stroke victims will need assistance in performing several daily tasks or, in some cases, need someone to do it for them.

Fortunately, some programs aim to rehabilitate stroke victims and help them regain lost abilities. The question is – is a full recovery from a stroke possible? Can a stroke victim leave a group home in Minneapolis, Minnesota and return to their original houses? How long does it take?

Yes, it is possible for a senior to fully recover from the effects of stroke. However, it would take up to a year of therapy, to which the elder must fully commit. Commitment is the only way that stroke survivors can regain much of the ability in speech and movement that they’ve lost.

The good news is that stroke survivors can sustain or even continue their speech and cognitive improvements even after their rehabilitation. It’s an exciting new world for them, so to speak.

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