How to Support Seniors While Physical Distancing?

How to Support Seniors While Physical Distancing?

The geriatric population, those who are 65 years and older, have been widely noted as among one of the most at higher risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. This is due to possible underlying medical conditions such as heart, lung, or autoimmune diseases – causing them to “stay at home awhile longer.” However, how can we support them emotionally and mentally while also taking care of their physical health?

Here are three ways from us here at A Helping Hand Senior Care Services, your trusted Group Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  1. Encourage communication
    Creating a space for self-awareness and compassion for your loved one during these unprecedented times can be a tacit need. It is necessary to communicate with them and encourage them to express especially when you can sense that they are keeping negative emotions internal. If your aging loved one is in an Assisted Living Facility in Minnesota, make sure to set a specific time every day to check on them even through online video conference.
  2. Offer security
    If your loved one’s emotional needs are based on fears, address them in the best way you can. If the fears are related to health and the current situation, address it strictly following health safety protocols not only to him/her but to every member going in and out from your home.
  3. Provide a purpose
    Providing emotional support may be as simple as proving seniors do have worth. Provide them a sense of accomplishment in this time by allowing them to do the things they love such as cooking, knitting, gardening, etc.

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