How to Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

How to Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

The effects of a fall can be life-changing and life-threatening for seniors but the fear of falling can also be a serious threat. Most of the time, after they’ve fallen or have been told by their doctor that they are at high risk of it, most older adults decide that it’s best to avoid physical activity. However, this leads to loss of stamina and muscle strength which increases their fall risk all the more!

So, how can we help them reduce this risk? Here are three science-based steps you can help them make from us here at A Helping Hand Senior Care Services, your trusted Group Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  1. Make an appointment with his/her doctor

    Begin their fall-prevention plan by making an appointment with their doctor. Find out about health conditions like arthritis, vision loss, osteoporosis, or memory loss which increases the risk of falls. Be open with their doctor about any fall history and identify how you can help them lower the risk.

  2. Get the right kind of exercise

    With their doctor’s approval, physical activities such as walking, water workouts, and many others can go a long way toward fall prevention. This can strengthen their muscles, build endurance, increase flexibility, and most importantly, increase balance.

    Some Assisted Living Facility in Minnesota also offers safe senior exercise classes which are carefully monitored by their resident physical therapists.

  3. Remove home hazards

    In this time of a pandemic, we are likely, along with our senior loved ones, spending most of our time at home. So look around for hazards and improve lighting throughout the house. You can start by removing clutters such as boxes, electrical cords, phone cords, etc. that could trip them up. Also, use nonslip mats bath seat which allows them to sit while showering.

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