Senior Care: Effective Stroke Prevention Tips

Senior Care: Effective Stroke Prevention Tips

Age, gender, and family history are uncontrollable risk factors associated with stroke. However, there are other factors you have greater control over especially if you are taking care of an aging loved one.

Let us all take a proactive approach to reducing risk factors of stroke through the following tips below listed to you by A Helping Hand Senior Care Services, your trusted Assisted Living Facility in Minnesota.

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices
    Staying physically active, eating a balanced diet, and forgoing alcohol are all important lifestyle choices to prevent stroke. Remember that an added weight may put a strain on your circulatory system. So, make sure to regularly exercise and choose a diet low in sodium, calories, cholesterol, and trans fat.
  • Monitor your medical conditions
    Make sure to also stay on top of your medical condition, if there’s any, by regularly seeing your doctor. Also, strive to keep your blood pressure at or below 120/80 and monitor your blood sugar level – especially if you have diabetes.
  • Get enough sleep
    Sleep is a God-given time for our body to rest, recover, and replenish. Some Housing Support in Minnesota follows a regular set schedule of waking and sleeping for a better quality of sleep for their clients.
  • Watch for depression
    Watch for signals of depression as it is a major contributor to strokes among the elderly. If they are leading a reclusive lifestyle, eating less, and exercising less it can all lead to obesity – a primary risk factor for strokes.

If you or your aging loved one feels persistent sadness, hopelessness, irritability, insomnia, etc., sought for help from an expert.

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